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Karen Storms - The Acting Coach of Booking Actors


Successful acting coach Karen Storms, residing in Holmes Beach, Florida, quickly became one of the most requested acting teachers/coaches in LA due to her reputation for her actors successes. Many of the top talent managers and agents in LA constantly recommended their actors to study at the Karen Storms Acting Studio when it was located in Los Angeles.


Karen teaches that it’s not about “acting”, but rather through thorough script analysis the actors understand the character and portray that character from their personal life experiences and relationships.  This method creates a character that is natural, real and alive.  In other words, the actor becomes the character.  Karen creates within her actors the true feeling that they “believe in themselves”.  The results improve the potential for callbacks and bookings.


It is no surprise Karen became one of the most highly recommended acting coaches in the industry.  She continues to privately coach many actors in California, Utah, and Florida either in person or using Skype.


"Two things I've noticed about the actors that come out of the Storms Acting Studio are not only are they well prepared, but they really know their craft. The work that Karen does with actors is amazing and it really shows up when you're under the gun and trying to meet a deadline on set and relying on your actors to deliver the goods.”  Todd Thompson, award winning director.


To contact Karen email karen@stormsacting.com


"Karen Storms is a wonderful teacher. What a difference she makes in an actor's performance! I'd recommend her to any actor, anywhere."

Suzanne Coston, Executive Producer, Los Angeles


"Karen is one of the best, if not THE best acting coach in Central Florida. "

Daniel, adult actor


"Karen, you are awesome! I booked my first Disney audition."

Luis, teen actor


"You are the first acting coach who has been true and honest with me. The other schools gave me 'lip service', but because you believe in me, I have been successful. I am making the move to LA to go to college and pursue my dream. You have changed my life!"

Eric - teen actor


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