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Reels for Actors


If you are the parent of an actor, or an actor yourself, and need your demo reel edited — because you want to get hired for more acting work – or you want to impress a talent manager or agent – then I've got some news for you.

We can help you increase your potential with a reel of your work. 

Within just a few hours we can cut together your demo reel and deliver it to you so you can post it on the web - so that casting directors, talent managers, and agents can be looking at your footage in mere moments.


It’s a fact; all of Hollywood is connected to fast internet connections so it’s more important than ever to have demo reels available on the web.


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about this valuable acting tool.


What should actors do in these tough times?


The nation’s economy is hitting everyone and everything and recenlty at an industry function the talk was all about the lack of auditions, etc.

What should an actor do, during these ‘lulls’ and peaks and valleys?

My advice,  get yourself in classes or  workshops with reputable instructors who will keep you sharp in your craft. Money is tight you say?  Well, when you truly want something you go after it. This is your ‘chosen career’ that you just have to be a part of or you can’t breathe. So, make it happen if you have to take a 2nd job, or have a garage sale. Do whatever it takes.

As an example, think of this.  If you ski, and are comfortable with your skill level, you go out all the time. But  then there are seasons with no snow, and your skis sit in the garage. You hold on to them…just because. Then, it snows.  You find yourself on the slope ( having not skied in a long time)  very stiff, and falling on simple maneuvers. Why? Because you didn’t stay sharp. You didn’t practice. You got rusty.

When my husband and I did castings in Florida andI used to tell my actors we could ‘smell fear’. Everyone would laugh, but it was the truth. Casting Directors can tell when actors walk into the room whether or no they are confident, and sure of their ability, or  nervous and rusty. The audition either goes south or into the ‘Callback’ pile.

Looking at their resumes, and asking them a few simple questions, we would learn that their last professional training was years ago. To us, it meant they thought they were already perfect and didn’t need any more training.

Even in LA, most "A" list actors continue working with their coaches, and stay in monthly classes. Halle Barry still works with her coach before every meeting with a Director. And that’s one reason why she has an  ‘Oscar’. She’s smart enough, and humbled enough to know you have to stay sharp and ahead of the competition.

But WHO do you train with? This is a very important question. There are numerous ‘acting classes’ just wanting your money. There are the "Actors R Us" type chains, the wanna be actors, who didn’t quite make it and now teach, and the casting people who will do a "come take my workshop and you’ll have a better chance of booking with me" sales pitch. Be very aware of that. Casting Directors don’t book you. The Producers and Director choose the actor.

My advice: look for someone that other actors have learned something from. You are all in this together. It's your money, ask to see a list of actors who have booked projects. In the case of a Casting Director, ask to see a list of actors taking his/her class who have booked his/her show.  Ask for rererences and check them out for comments, and if they would return to that teacher/coach. That’s where you should start.

I wish all of you in this industry a wonderful 2010. This economy is only temporary. People still want to watch a great TV shows and go to the movies. Don’t forget that. We are part of a great industry that has lasted through a lot of hard times and is still going strong.


"Karen is one of the best, if not THE best acting coach in Central Florida. "

Daniel, adult actor


"Karen, you are awesome! I booked my first Disney audition."

Luis, teen actor


"You are the first acting coach who has been true and honest with me. The other schools gave me 'lip service', but because you believe in me, I have been successful. I am making the move to LA to go to college and pursue my dream. You have changed my life!"

Eric - teen actor


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