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Orlando Seminar at the Pop Shop is a huge HIT!

More than 30 actors sharpen their acting skills during the one-day seminar.


"Karen Storms is a wonderful teacher. What a difference she makes in an actor's performance! I'd recommend her to any actor, anywhere."
Suzanne Coston, Executive Producer, Los Angeles


"Sarah had a great time in the workshop and got a real boost in her desire to be successful in this career."

 Joy, mom


"Grace greatly enjoyed the workshop and I am sure she learned a lot from it and will use it to help her grow as an actor."   

Vanessa, mom


"I want to say thank you very much for the workshop - it was awesome and really helped me tremendously!"  

Lisa, actor


"It was the best workshop I have ever been to."  Dana, actor


"Karen is one of the best, if not THE best acting coach in Central Florida"
Daniel, adult actor


"Karen, you are awesome! I booked my first Disney audition."
Luis, teen actor


"You are the first acting coach who has been true and honest with me. The other schools gave me 'lip service', but because you believe in me, I have been successful. I am making the move to LA to go to college and pursue my dream. You have changed my life!"
Eric - teen actor


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