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Karen Storms is one of the most highly recommended acting instructors/coaches at Children In Film.

The acting studio where aspiring actors become working actors


After School Acting Classes

beginning in February for ages 6 - 18

Anna Maria Island Community Center

Make Believe Team

Ages 4-6

A wonderful once a week for eight weeks class exploring the art of acting and pretending, in which the young actors exercise their imagination through story telling, getting into character and make believe. The class inspires confidence in the very young actor.

Tuesday 3:30 – 5:00 PM

Price $140.00


Drama Club

Ages 7-11

In this once a week for eight weeks lab Karen teaches her proven, unique acting techniques to build confidence, how to stay emotionally real through listening and reacting using scene study, improvisation and monologues. Students work in every class! No one ever just sits and watches. The goal is to develop a comprehensive set of "acting tools" to draw upon when approaching a role or a scene. As a result actors acquire confidence, self-awareness, a strong creative spirit and professional work ethic.

Wednesday 4:00 – 6:00 PM

Price $160.00

Call 941-778-1908 to inquire

Pop Shop Acting Seminar Overwhelmingly Popular!

Karen watches Jaimie Steck, Abigail Knowles, and Evan Huit perform a scene in the teen and adult seminar.

Katie Gallagher and Katelyn Bailey captivate the attention of everyone in the teen and adult seminar.

Parents and young actors listen to Karen at the end of the workshop.

Be sure to make plans to attend the next

Storms Acting Studio Acting Seminar at the Pop Shop

Storms Acting Studio actors are IN DEMAND!

RILEY GRIFFITHS stars as "Charles" in Super 8

Riley is on the right.

JADA FACER stars as Annabelle in

the Hallmark Channel's Love's Christmas Journey

JACKIE JACOBSON stars in The Hatters

   Jackie Jacobson           The Hatters poster

"Thank you so much for coming in! Excellent job, Jackie! You have that magic that we always look for in great actors--and we are happy to have you on board!

Kristian Gabriel, director

Storms Acting Studio actors are in demand by Casting Directors, managers & agents.



Wherever in the world you are prepare for any audition by Private Coaching with Karen using Skype. Actors in Florida, Nevada, Illinois, Tennessee, Arizona, and California are already taking advantage of this.

Successful acting coach Karen Storms has taught and

privately coached hundreds of actors of all ages and many

are working in LA, NY, and throughout the U.S.

"Karen is such a vital part of my 7-year-old's team. She has such a unique formula to prepare a young actor while allowing their own personality to shine through. From building the essential foundation, to expecting "their" best, to supportive advice along the way. As a caring mom...I call her MY teacher...my son calls her his "secret weapon!" Melissa, mother of an 8-year-old actor

More Bookings by Actors

who have studied with Karen!

Riley Griffiths Super 8 stars as Charles

Jada Facer Love's Christmas Journey (Hallmark Channel) stars as Annebelle

Leah Lewis   Madison High starring role as Peyton (Disney); I'm In The Band (Disney XD)

Stephanie Scott Flipped Dana Trexler feature film

Avery Phillips Glee (Fox) young Quinn

Danny Rawley Snap role of Logan independent film; Awry role of Alan independent film; Road to Hollywood lead pilot presentation; I'm Alive Animal Planet

Gabe Eggerling"Curse The Dead" – Benjamin (co-star); "He Knows" – lead; "Father/Son" – young Paul; Volvo and PlayStation 3 – national commercials

Alex Madera I'll Never Tell Sam feature film; Bubble Gum Smackers Slinks feature film; The Eleventh Hour Joshua independent film; Missing 48 Hour Quincy independent film

Drew Koles Funny Moments (Pilot) Nate

Austin Chase Community Nigel; NCIS LA (CBS) Joshua

Danielle Parker All My Children (ABC) – Emma – recurring; Days Of Our Lives – Allie at 7 years old; EA Sports – national commercial

Cora Lakey Kindness Counts Heiress Warner Bros.;
The Measure of a Man Pat independent film; April Moon independent film; Medium (CBS) "There Will be Blood Type A" and "There Will be Blood Type B"

Madison McFarland – Hey Monday "I Don't Wanna Dance" music video Pharma Live Event – Ally; 5 Things You Don’t Do On Halloween; Red Balloon – Gina – independent film  

Rayna Graff – Natasha Beddingfield music video – young Natasha; Public Service Commercial (PSA) – National

Mykayla Sohn Publix national commercial

Tiffany Dion Untitled Feature young Jamie Peyton lead; The Glades (A&E) Jeff's friend at his 13th Birthday Party; Disney 365 (Disney Channel).

Lila Bassior Glee (Fox)

Vincent Bobnes Victorious (Nickelodeon)

Shannon Lorance The Illegals – Lead – independent film; Untitled Pilot Presentation – Allie

Tucker AlbriziBig Time Rush (Nickelodeon)Tyler – recurring

Elle Labadie Smash – Supporting  – feature

Jazz Martin Brief  – Jonathan – independent film

Jane ShayneThe Joshua Tree Project – independent filmNoah Schnacky Sound of Music – Summer Broadway Tour – Freidrick; Slim Jim – national commercial

Jeni Perillo Vampire Diaries (CW) recurring role; Alamo – SAG national commercial

Mathew DuPrey – Canon – national commercial

Riley PolanskiBoys – Jim – independent film; Baseball Dennis and the French – young Paul – independent documentary; Message From Heaven – Andrew, lead; Gun Slinger – David; TJ MAXX – national commercial; Mercedes commercial

Parker SmithNo Control Over Me – lead; Light Years – Sanders; Kid – Milk; Spike Lee's 25th Hour – Monty; The Basement – Patrick; Cinderella Girl – Prince Charming – independent films

Charlotte LabadieTransformers 3 – supporting; My Little Princess – Irene –independent film; Cougar Town – (ABC); Misdirection – independent film; Mickey’s Trick or Treat – national commercial

Noah Dahl Bad Teacher Dim Kid – feature film Mackenzie May – McDonald’s “Olympics” – national commercial; Sword vs. Shield featured SAG Short Film Kaitlyn JenkinsThe Job Applicant – lead; Trigger Finger – Harriett; Amanda’s Return – independent films

Christa PozziSkybird – lead; Fables – Belle – independent films

Jacqueline LarsenRose – Audrey feature; Anaheim The Film – Lead independent film; Carpool Confessions – Pilot Presentation

Campbell RoseCold Case – Guest Star; Days Of Our Lives (NBC) – Allie - recurring

Carolyn RoseDays Of Our Lives (NBC) – Allie – recurring; Wal-Mart commercial

Mona and Lu PattersonNCIS

Jaimie Steck – Sea World Parks 2010; Cracker Barrel commercial

Miranda Tuttle WalMart/Cheerios (voice over) – national commercial

Chandler Kinney Kentucky Fried Chicken national commercial

Grace Chapman Untitled Project young Sammy Carlson; As Night Falls Amelia  independent films; Arm & Hammer  national commercial Principle role; Sonny BBQ principle commercial

Katie GallagherUntitled Project – Sammy Carlson – independent feature

Katherine FoxUntitled Project – Jamie Peyton – independent feature

Lexi DiStefanoElle, A Modern Cinderella Tale – independent film

Aaron Berger – Star-Kist – national commercial

Justin TanksFun Time With The Jonas Brothers (Disney) – Caleb

Dana HealeyUntitled Project – Doctor – independent feature Alex MaderaCarpool Confessions – pilot presentation; Daniel – Inner City Film Makers; Little Caesars Pizza –  commercial

Luis BurbanoUntitled Project – independent feature; Universal Studios national commercial

Elle LabadieTDM Webisode – "Tent" – Discovery Kids commercial; Dive Olly Dive (Worldwide PBS) – Beth the Submarine, recurring VO role –; Shuffle – Grace; Forfeit of Grace – Casey – independent films

Layla Mae Ashley Mason – title role; Trigger Finger – Morgan – independent films; Burger King Team Edward, national commercial

Rebekah Swann Never Winter lead independent film Suzan SolomanTelepathic (Nickelodeon)

Storms Acting Studio actors are in demand.

That's why the Storms Acting Studio is consistently recommended by

Hollywood managers, talent agents,casting directors, actors and their parents.

I'll be happy to send my actors your way." Jeremy Apody, Abrams Artists Agency

Dad Questions Value of Casting Director Workshops

After seeing his son's performance following a single one-hour private coaching session with Karen Storms he turned to his son and asked, "What have you been learning at all those workshops down there?" The actor had attended workshops of a casting director, actor/director, and a set coach - all three at a single location.  The dad later remarked, "It's good to finally get a honest critique instead of being told 'he's doing great' all the time. I'm blown away by what I see in my son now!" 

Why pay extra for a scene study workshop?

It's included in our classes! 

Why pay extra for an improv workshop? 

We improv in every one of our classes.

Why pay extra for a commercial workshop? 

It's also included in our classes.

Why pay extra for a cold read workshop?

It's covered in our classes too.

And if you're not getting callbacks from that casting director? 

Why are you paying extra for that!

“When I saw the kind of teaching that goes on in this place (the Storms Acting Studio) I knew my children had to study here.”  A former teacher of the Strasberg method at the Actors’ Studio.


Whether you are in Bollywood, Beijing, Boise, or anywhere

in the world, you are only a click away from a private coaching session or an acting class at the Storms Acting Studio. Actors

in Florida, Nevada, and Tennessee have taken advantage

of this state-of-the-art opportunity.  Ask us about it.

At Days Of Our Lives with two of my actors, Carolyn and Campbell who play Allie.

Gabriele Eggerling a Make Believe Team actor filming Curse of the Dead

Storms Acting Studio Make Believe Team 4 - 7 year old actors book!

Vincent Bobnes - Victorious

Grace Chapman - Untitled Independent Film - young Sammy Carlson; As Night Falls - Amelia

Gabe Eggerling - Curse of the Dead - co-star Benjamin; He Knows - Johnny

Jacqueline Larson - Carpool Confessions - Pilot Presentation

Daniel Parker - Days Of Our Lives - Allie at age 7

Campbell and Carolyn Rose - Days Of Our Lives - Allie, recurring role

Mono and Lu Patterson - NCIS


Receive a $25.00 Gift Certificate toward a Private Coaching with Karen for each friend you refer that signs up for one of

Karen's upcoming classes.

Refer four to sign up and get a 1 hour Private Coaching FREE!

"I thought Jaimie did a terrific job with a tough monologue to execute. Karen's coaching, as always, was spot on perfect."  L-A manager.



"Two things I've noticed about actors that come out of classes taught by Karen and Michael are not only well prepared, but they really know their craft.  The work that Karen does with these actors is amazing and it really shows up when you're under the gun and trying to meet a deadline on set and relying on your actors to deliver the goods.  Actors trained by Karen really do a great job and I wouldn't think of casting anyone else."

                                                                     Todd Thompson, award winning director

Check out two Storms Acting Studio actors in Todd's award winning film This Man's Life at: http://www.starsnorth.com/shorts/tml/viewclip.html  

In order of appearance: Kendall Ganey as Dawn Grady , Michelle Dion as Jennifer.


"I really can't thank you enough for the help you have given Tucker, what a difference in 5 weeks!  You are an amazing teacher!"   Claudine, mother of Tucker, Big Time Rush 


Sends an e-mail to Karen

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